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    An Expert in the Field of Fibre

    Dengie Horse Feeds began life as a farmers’ cooperative in 1968 and it’s still run under the same ethos today, supporting local farming, caring for the environment and enjoying strong links with the community. A Royal Warrant Holder since 2007, Dengie is the UK’s leading manufacturer of fibre-based horse feeds and the largest producer of alfalfa, which forms the basis of its extensive portfolio of products.

    Allen & Page

    Quality Horse Feeds

    Allen & Page’s mill in Norfolk may well be state of the art, but our company’s values and guiding principles are much more traditional. Our innovative, family-owned company has four generations of experience and we use only natural ingredients wherever possible of the highest quality in our horse feeds, with no artificial or ‘nature identical’* flavours. As you would expect, the mill is entirely drug free.

    Dodson Horrell

    The Horse Feed Specialists

    70 years’ experience and a wealth of expertise are used to formulate our feeds, supplements and herbal products to ensure that your horse is receiving the very best nutrition. 

    Many products contain additional antioxidants in the form of our unique QLC antioxidant package (Quality Life Care). This patented blend of natural, plant-derived antioxidants has been formulated to support the horse’s own natural antioxidant system, promoting long-term health, condition and performance. 


    Hands-on care and experience

    At SPILLERS we strive to do our best in everything we do and follow five key principals, Quality, Mutuality, Responsibility, Efficiency, and Freedom. We hold daily quality meetings in our in-house laboratory so that we can make sure the feed we produce for your horses lives up to the claims we make about them, and meets our own internal standards as well as those of our third party regulators.


    Bedding specifically for horses

    BEDMAX was created in 2000 to provide horse owners with an ideal, natural bedding that solved the problem of dust - now widely recognised as the major cause of respiratory damage in stabled horses.

    So we designed and built a production plant from scratch, and started making BEDMAX - shavings made specially for horses that eliminate dust, and maximise comfort, cushioning, drainage, ease of use and cost efficiency.


    We stock a wide range of TopSpec Products and can supply the full range on request.

  • Pets

    Not just for horses!

    Pet Food.

    Dogs, Cats, . . . We can help!

    As well as everything your need for your horse, we also stock a range of pet foods too.

    Dr John Dog Food. Chudleys. Arkwrights. Chappie. Gain. Burgess Sensitive

    Accessories and Treats

    Treats to keep their little tails wagging!

    Biscuits, Bones . . . All you need to keep them happy!

    Chicken Layer Pellets & Mixed Corn

    Spillers Layer Pellets. Allen & Page. Fancy Feeds

    Oyster grit small Bags @£1